As Reported or Standardized

The stream is available either in an “as published” version or in Finviews proprietary standardized format (using US-GAAP common denominations) facilitating easy comparison.

Easy and Flexible Reporting

Create reports with ease in Excel or other clients that support MS SQL Analysis Services data streams. Once created the reports are linked with the live stream and automatically update with the selection of the chosen filters or new data and enable analysis from any angle (Pivot Table ad hoc analysis or cell based formulas for complete reporting flexibility) with drill down and drill through options to transaction level.

Direct From The Filing

Using Finviews’ unique totally automated process, the data is sourced directly from the filings, i.e. the financial reports as published by the companies. This approach completely avoids re-keying numbers and prevents human errors. To further improve data quality, a variety of completeness as well as logic checks are applied and are either fixed or documented in the stream.

Near Realtime Availability

Enabled by Finviews completely automated process, lodged reports are available within minutes after filed with the SEC.

Visually Stunning Dashboards

Design striking dashboards that provide interactive analytics within seconds using Microsoft Excel or the free Microsoft Power BI client.

Just register for the Service and download the Excel connection file. The stream is then immediately available as a Pivot Table that allows you to create the desired view of the data. Just drag the data dimensions like concepts (financial accounts, ratios, etc.), company hierarchy, fiscal/calendar period etc. in rows or columns and set the filters as required.

Watch our How to Connect video here